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Adventure Tours

 Georgia’s mix of natural beauty and medieval history has made it one of Eastern Europe’s most fascinating destinations.

Together with cultural tours we offer you custom made, adventure, private tours, which will include:

trekking tours to the mountains and national parks with different difficulties;

Rafting tours on various rivers with all levels of difficulty, both professionals and amateurs can take part in rafting, professional guides will accompany you throughout the tour;

Paragliding over Gudauri and Tbilisi Sea;

Horse riding in picturesque valleys of Bakuriani, Svaneti, Khevsureti or Tusheti;

Ski and all kinds of winter activities on steep slopes of Bakuriani, Gudauri or Tetnuldi.

Simon Tours will guarantee you will experience unforgettable feelings; memories of the trip will stay with you for very long time; in search of adventure, you will find no better place than this amazing land.

Travelers have to take into consideration, that almost all adventure tours are seasonal, and will not be able to do all activities all year around.

Price for adventure tours are different, depends on the type of activities you’ll choose, on tour duration and number of peoples in each tour.

 P.S.  We will organize custom tours depending on your interest and amount of days you are planning to stay in Georgia, will provide airport transfers and accommodation bookings, we are open for negotiations. 

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