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Nature Tours

 Georgia’s natural environment is one of the most special in the world. For being such a small country, Georgia has quite a varied landscape. National parks and protected areas cover more than 8,6% of Georgia. 75% of the all protected areas are covered with woods. National parks are the prime locations of wild and untamed nature; they are the most exiting places to visit.

Park and Nature Reserve gives tourists the opportunity to trek through the untouched natural ecosystems, beautiful lakes and waterfalls.

 Tourist route network of the parks offer a wide variety of one or several days tours and include marked and comfortable trails of various complexity and different length.

Well-organized trails offer a wide variety of hiking, horse riding, biking, cultural and educational, birdwatching and boating tours on rich wild landscape.

 At protected areas tourists can explore waterfalls, untouched forests of fir and pine trees, beautiful panoramic views, alpine meadows, you will come across unique subtropical plants and many of the endemic species.

We are happy to design a private tour that reflects your unique travel interests and make your vacation unforgettable experience.

P.S. We will organize custom tours depending on your interest and amount of days you are planning to stay in Georgia, will provide airport transfers and accommodation bookings, we are open for negotiations. 

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